Starting web dev in 2021
Starting web dev in 2021
Starting web dev in 2021

If you want to start web development in 2021, you might be pretty overwhelmed 🙄.

Here I’m walk you through a handy roadmap to start web dev as a complete beginner.

Hold Tight…

Okay, so first thing first if you want to start web dev, you are going to be a programmer which mean you’ll write some code and for writing code you’ll need a code editor.

If you are going to use notepad for writing code, leave it right now. You are going to be a programmer, not a typewriter.

You need a code editor which designed for programmer.

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Variables are the basic and a most important part of any programming language. They are used to store values that are used in the further execution of a program.

You can think variables like a box in which we can store something i.e., values.

In JavaScript variables can store any type of values. It can be a number, string, boolean, array, object, and what else. I don’t want to mess around with data types in this article, we discuss them in another one. Let’s keep our eye only one variable.

Let’s take a look how we use a variable in…

Hey there ! So as you know how you can start your web dev journey.

If you haven’t, checkout the story below 👇

So, where we were !

Yeah, There are couple of things you need to know about web ! 🌞

It’s been seen that the way people accessing the web is changing
over the time.

As we all know to access the web, we need a web browser.
But how a browser work ❔

Thought there are a lot of browser, like

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

So, if you ever open a browser, you can see…

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